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None available at this time.

Upcoming Litters:

None available at this time.

While Waterfowl Widowmakers' primary focus remains on retriever training, we are dedicated to producing a small number of quality, field-bred Golden Retriever litters a year. Breeding from strong working lines is important to us. Goldens were originally bred to be hunting companions; ideally an athletic, intelligent dog that was also a welcomed house pet. 

Why choose a golden retriever puppy from Waterfowl Widowmakers?

Proven Performance Pedigree

All dogs in our breeding program have pedigrees featuring field titles in multiple generations.

The innate abilities bred into our dogs & their offspring make them easily trainable.


Every dog we own is one that we enjoy training, hunting, and competing. Additionally, they epitomize the fun-loving personality goldens are known for that makes them great companions and so much fun to be around.


Since our dogs come from field lines, not show line, they tend to have a smaller build than most goldens. They are very athletic and sleek looking. Our males tend to weigh under 70 pounds and our females under 60 pounds.


Health and genetic testing is conducted on all of the dogs we breed.


Mating pairs are selected with a focus on minimizing the potential for significant health problems in offspring.

On/Off Switch

Each of our dogs has a never ending drive to please and are wide open when it is time to work, but they also possess an off switch and know when to wind down and relax making them good family companions.


Field bred goldens have coats that are usually darker in color and less feathered. They retain the types of moisture repellent coats that their ancestors had, making them easy to maintain.


Although our dogs are bred to perform in the field, their first and primary role is as our family companions. Our dogs are very people pleasing, energetic, and easy to train. Our extremely selective breeding program ensures that our puppies are bred for health, temperament, and performance. Whether you want a family pet, service dog, gun dog, or a Hunt Test/Field Trial competitor, we can help you find the perfect fit.

If you would like to be added to the list to be notified about any of our upcoming litters, please complete our Puppy Application (download here) and email it to

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