Please Note:

We limit the number of dogs in our training program to ensure that every dog gets the required attention and custom training. To reserve a spot for your dog, please contact us as soon as possible and we will get you and your dog added to our waiting list.

While some trainers have a "one technique works for all dogs" approach, Shawn understands that each dog has a unique personality and each one needs a training program tailored to their unique personality and talents. Because of this, we intentionally limit the number of dogs in our program. Our training programs are designed to fit each owner and dog's needs/ability.


It is important to remember that all dogs mature and learn at different levels and speeds. Therefore, training time can vary depending on your dog's natural instincts and ability.

We highly recommend that you come to Waterfowl Widowmakers regularly while your dog is in training.  This allows you to see the progress of your dog, and allows Shawn to show you how to handle and manage your dog. It's our goal to teach each owner how to handle their dog in order to enjoy the benefits of its training. This is a critical step in helping to transition your dog from one in training, to obeying you, and then continuing to obey you once you get home.  It also allows you to ask questions about behavior and progress while your dog is in training. Prescheduled, owner training sessions are included with all of our training programs.


Our Programs:

Before a dog will be accepted into our training program, we require:

  • Completed release form

  • Veterinary documentation the dog is:

    • current with its rabies, distemper, parvo, bordatello (kennel cough) and K9 Influenza vaccines

    • and, currently on an injectable heartworm preventive

  • Payment for the first month's training