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Very interesting and informative DVD set and guide. Be sure to check it out.

With over 36-years of experience, Jim Van Engen focuses solely on giving your retriever the “Right Start Advantage”.  With nearly 2-hours of instruction, this DVD specializes in taking young dogs and progressing them from seven weeks to seven months.  Whether your goals are to win field trials, excel in hunt tests or have a polished, reliable gun dog, your training needs to begin the day your puppy comes home.  Jim takes you through a step-by-step training process explaining everything from the type of equipment you will need, to what happens when your puppy won’t come back.  This DVD shows the mistakes that most puppies will make and helps you understand ways to solve and overcome each obstacle.

by Cherylon Loveland and Clarice Rutherford


Basic training to help you turn your young retriever into an efficient and enthusiastic worker


This book is directed to owners of retriever puppies in their first year, but the program is equally effective with young retrievers starting beyond that age. It gives your retriever the necessary disciplines and skills he will need to become a reliable hunting companion. The authors assume that most puppies grow up as house pets, and so throughout the program lessons that every companion dog needs to learn are also stressed. Puppies learn best with step-by-step progression, so using this program as a guide, you will have a retriever that can go on to be successful in whatever field you choose—competitive or non-competitive.


•  Work with your puppy’s unique personality

•  Correlate lessons to the pup’s mental and physical development

•  Train with lessons that are progressive, thorough, uncomplicated and most of all, effective!

Eighty minute video on Advancing your pup with Sound Progressive Positive methods. Jackie Mertens is one of the most successful amateur retriever trainers and breeders in North America. She has trained and titled numerous FC/AFC retrievers. She is a six time finalist at the National Open/National Amateur Retriever Championships. She won the National Amateur Championship with her NAFC FC Topbrass Cotton, who is also the all time high point Golden Retriever in field trial history.

Invaluable lessons and a TOTALLY new way of looking at how to start a pup with it's retrieving.

The subject of this production is teaching the Fetch command. The common term for this is force breaking. A number of years ago Bill decided to work on a process to use the electric collar to reinforce the Fetch command AFTER he has taught force fetch, in a teaching way.

The electric collar is used to reinforce a command they already know.

Training your Pet with the Electric Collar shows consecutive training sessions with a mixed breed [half Jack Russell terrier] one year old pet "Tilly" which has never been worked before the camera started shooting the lessons. You will see the very first time Tilly hears the SIT command and the first time she walks on a line.

Fowl Dawgs 1 DVD - Basic Training with Rick Stawski

Fowl Dawgs 2 DVD - Advanced Basics with Rick Stawski

Fowl Dawgs 3 DVD - Transition Training with Rick Stawski

Fowl Dawgs 4 DVD - Training with Rick Stawski

You will hear the names you know - names like "Honcho," "Cody," "Timex," and "Rocket." Now learn HOW they became champions.

It has been said that retriever training is a man’s game; but, SHE changed this sport forever. Most experienced dog handlers believe that Judy Aycock is, without question, the finest amateur retriever trainer who has ever lived. Her list of accomplishments is long and distinguished but perhaps her greatest gift to the sport of retriever training was a student.

This particular student started out as a Louisiana duck hunter and would soon change the sport as we know it. His name is Danny Farmer.

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