Gun Dog Training


Basic Gun Dog Training

*4 month minimum training contract required. Dog must be at least 6 months old to participate.


Our basic gun dog program consists of basic obedience on and off-leash, whistle commands, collar conditioning, force fetch (hold, fetch, and drop), and basic marking concepts on land and water. Your dog will be introduced to gunshots, decoys, live birds, dog blinds and stands, and a variety of hunting settings.


When a dog completes our basic gun dog program, it will be obedient to verbal and whistle commands, deliver birds to hand and be retrieving out to 100 yards or more on single marked retrieves, on land and in water. They also will be reasonably steady to shot. 

Most dogs are also beginning to learn the basics of a blind retrieve by using hand and whistle signals. 

At the completion of our basic gun dog program, your dog should be capable of handling basic hunting situations.

Advanced Gun Dog Training

Once a dog has completed the basic gun dog program, they may move on to more advanced training concepts. Whether you just want your dog to run simple blinds, or are looking for a fully-"finished" hunting companion, Waterfowl Widowmakers, can apply the same techniques used in our Transition Retriever and Finished Retriever programs to meet your needs. It is important to remember that much like people, dogs learn at different paces, and actual training time will vary depending on your dog's natural ability and maturity level.  

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